Child Support

In Oklahoma, child support payments are determined by a statutory formula set by the state that is based, among other factors, on the average monthly income of both parents. While the court is allowed to deviate from these guidelines, it only does so if circumstances warrant, or if both parents are represented by counsel and have agreed to deviate from the guidelines.

At the law firm of Feamster & Carroll, PLLC, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we protect the rights of married and unmarried parents involved in child custody and child support disputes. With more than 45 years of cumulative experience representing clients in divorce and other family law matters, we are prepared to answer your questions and protect your rights.

Every divorce is unique. We can walk through the formula stipulated by the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines and help you estimate how much support you will be asked to pay or how much you will receive.

If there are circumstances that affect your ability to pay - unemployment, seasonal employment, fluctuating income or anything else - we will present those factors to the court on your behalf.

Get help enforcing child support. Our Tulsa child support attorneys can file a motion for contempt of court if a parent who was ordered to pay child support and knew about the order has refused to pay. Call 918-505-9260.

Broken Arrow Child Support Modification Attorneys

The court can modify a child support order whenever there is "a material change in circumstances." Courts have held that a material change of circumstance can be an increase or decrease in either parent's income or a change in the needs of the child.

Ordinarily, a parent's increased or decreased expenses due to, for example, remarriage, are not by themselves grounds to modify child support. Child support is based on income, not expenses.

Also, child support may not be modified retroactively. Only future payments can be modified. If you believe child support you are receiving or paying should be modified, contact us as soon as possible. Delaying action can cost you.

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